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Field Ready Türkiye (Sahaya Hazir İnovasyon Derneği) is a group of engineers and humanitarian aid and development sectors experts. We have been working in NW Syria and in Türkiye since 2016. We received our legal registration in Türkiye in February 2021 as a Social Community Organization that seeks to find innovative solutions for the communities’ challenges.

Our Vision is to be a leading force in empowering local communities through innovative solutions and entrepreneurship, creating a sustainable impact wherever and whenever is needed.

Our mission is to work within and to empower, local communities to create sustainable solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that by making things locally, we can make the world a better place. As an NGO, Field Ready Türkiye is a part of the global movement to change and to make what is needed, locally, by local makers, and innovators.
As an NGO, Field Ready Turk‎iye is a part of the global movement to change, and to make what is needed, locally, by local makers, and innovators.

Focus Area 1


Localization is a smart way to work and part of good development. Localization seeks to improve the communities by moving decision-making, resources, and key points of emphasis to those who are closest to the problems. In short, localization is embodied in the phrase “nothing for us without us.”

Field Ready Türkiye supports localizing manufacturing where things are made where they are needed. This includes urgently needed health and medical components, WASH supplies, and items that improve the shelter. We do this by working in established factories, in-home workshops, or in Innovation Hubs to adapt to specific local markets.

Focus Area 2

Bottom-Up Innovation

“Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.”
Our approach emphasizes empathy paired with action. We systematically engage with the people-on-the ground. We seek different perspectives and triangulate facts. We define ‘innovation’ broadly to include new business models, technologies, behavioral insights, or ways of delivering products and services that benefit the communities. We not only work with people on their needs, but also build on their talents, use local resources, and find opportunities.

We invest in a range of innovations with strong potential for social impact at a large scale. For this reason, we have established our own Research & Development Centre at Gaziantep University Technopark to serve as an innovation hub providing workable solutions to actual problems.

Focus Area 3

Social Entrepreneurship

The challenges of finding effective and sustainable solutions to many social problems are substantial, and solutions may require many of the ingredients associated with successful innovation in business creation.
To this end, we help strengthen communities by supporting the development of ecosystem building as a field of practice to help build an economy that works for all people. We have developed a variety of initiatives —particularly focused on the problems of poor and marginalized populations. We seek to transfer the lives of millions of people around the world positively. Our Innovation Business Incubator in NW Syria is an example.


Our Innovative Solution

Design Process

Field Ready Türkiye starts with the end-user and works to solve their problems, with them. Through participatory development techniques and Human Centred Design, Field Ready engages end users in every step of program delivery – from needs assessment to our exit strategy.
Our solution involves working closely with end users to understand problems and develop solutions. Our aim is to respond rapidly and address problems that may have been overlooked or deemed “too hard” by other humanitarian responders. The collaborative process has five key stages that are made possible by the nature of Digital Manufacturing:


Problem identification


Solution development


Local manufacturing


Distribution, training and capacity building


Influence the sector



Audit 2022

Field Ready Türkiye (Sahaya Hazir İnovasyon Derneği)

As of December 31, 2022

Prepared by: ZACA International

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